In some cases we usually advise certain techniques against anxiety. It is well known and accepted that the mind influences in a major way in the health status of individuals. Moreover, there are theories that attributed to the unbalanced mind as the cause of all diseases, both in East and West, of all types of pathologies, from a cold or an infection (decreased immunity) to cancer (biological suicide).

All around the world ther are examples of people who have survived a diagnosed intractable cancer, just working with their mind. Of course they are not cases that can be generalized, nor should raise false hopes, but such cases do exist and have been sufficiently established as to doubt its veracity (i.e. the book Ultimate healing. The power of compassion by Lama Zopa Rimpoche explain technics to improve our health and get rid of sickness).

There are studies that prove that the mere fact of quieting the mind does improve immunity. Others speak of the power of the mind in the modification of traumatic experiences.

The society we live in gives little importance to develop such capabilities. If anyone seeks time to practice those techniques will find a great benefit.