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Morning Sickess

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy is a common disorder and difficult to treat, because of the danger of pharmacologic therapy on the fetus. They are very common in the first trimester of pregnancy, its etiology remains unclear. They tend to be more frequent in the morning, but sometimes are present throughout the day. If they are frequent and prolonged in time can lead to hyperemesis gravidarum that requires hospitalization.

When the mother status require and the risk of harm to mother or fetus is greater than the teratogenic risk (risk of side effects on the fetus), are often prescribed antihistamines or phenothiazine. They are usually effective, but always with the danger of affecting the fetus.

In this condition acupuncture offers a technique that has no contender. There have been many experiences in hospitals worldwide, which have proved the great effectiveness of acupuncture in vomiting of pregnancy. From the first session the patient feels relief of symptoms, till gradually disappear, and always without side effects to mother or fetus.