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Tobbaco addiction

The tobacco addiction produces a number of diseases, this has been proven in thousands of clinical studies, if you smoke you may have one of them.

Suspicious symptoms (See if any of these symptoms.)

In Acupuncture Medical Center, we have developed an innovative technique to stop smoking. It is based on techniques used in hospitals in China to relieve the withdrawal symptoms produced by drugs like heroin or morphine.

With this technique we can say that the result is virtually assured. 90% of our patients have radically left tobacco addiction. We believe that there is no currently technique that can compare in effectiveness to which we have developed.

You now have the opportunity to leave tobacco addiction!

Among others, these are some of the results that the patients report to have succeeded.

1º Feel better in many ways (you will feel with an stronger willpower, have better self-image, to taste food again, regain their sense of smell, etc …)

2º Saving money (on average smoked 30 cigarettes / day, and if the package is 2 Euros, at end of year 1095 Euros will be spent in tobacco addiction). A single month without smoking will pay the money spent on treatment. Patients leave the tobacco addiction on average between 3-5 sessions, some in one session.

3º Having less tobacco addiction related diseases (cancer, myocardial infarction, pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic pharyngitis). Each year 50,000 people die in Spain by the side effects of tobacco addiction. It is not just a figure, surely you know someone who has died or is seriously ill from it.

4º Destroys female beauty. The skin is dehydrated, it becomes more yellow and wrinkled easily. The dentition is also affected. By producing laryngitis voice becomes hoarse and dysphonic. Bad breathe characteristic of nicotine.

5º The 60% of men who smoke have a problem with erectile dysfunction. Smoking greatly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, according to a new study presented at the 43rd Annual Conference of Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases by researchers from Tulane University of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans (USA).

6º You will find greater acceptance in your relationship with others.

The difference between lungs of smokers and non-smoker.

Need I say more?

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If you want to know something more concrete on this subject, you can:

1. Through email, ask for the information you want.

2. Please contact us by phone indicated.

3. The appointments should be made by telephone.

4. And above all, whether in our Medical Center or other serious and competent one for the wellbeing of yourself and others definitely quit tobacco addiction.