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Nonspecific symptoms

Haven’t you feel discomfort, nonspecific pain, who have failed to diagnose when you have gone to the doctor?

You should know that there are symptoms in traditional medicine, which can not be cataloged, or allow to make a clear diagnosis. In Chinese medicine there are different methods of diagnosis, diagnosis of pulse, tongue, these methods often allow the trail to find the cause of this pathology, and direct healing properly.

We have a number of patients, which can be summarized in the following case. A person who had previously attended a number of specialists in digestive system, nonspecific pain in the abdominal area. After thorough examinations at a hospital, they can’t founded a lesion diagnosis, therefore, they only prescribed pain medication. As this patient was afraid and rightly so, possible side effects of taking drugs, she attended our clinic and in two sessions was free of discomfort.This is just one of many cases.

No medicine can cure everything. On the other hand, there are medicines that get a better result in certain pathologies. No one would hesitate to give you an antibiotic in an infection. But in certain functional disorders there are methods as acupuncture therapy obtaining not only successful, but excellent results without side effects.