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Hypertension is a condition that causes an elevation in systolic blood pressure, diastolic or both. It affects about 20% of the population. The long-term effects can be very negative. The causes of death among hypertensive patients may be distributed as follows:

– 50% cardiovascular disease.

– 33% from cerebrovascular disease.

– 10-15% for renal failure.

– 2-7% for other reasons.

In allopathic medicine is treated with antihypertensive drugs of various kinds or diuretics. Drugs in the best of cases, timely control the disease, not cure it. Drugs are often effective, but as always with the short, medium and long term side effects.

Using the  acupuncture points to regulate energy, and specific points to lower blood pressure, there are very good results. Many people prefer to be treated by a technique that respects your body, with results equal or better than drug therapy.