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Do you have you one or more of the following symptoms?
* Difficulty falling or staying asleep.
* Irritability or outbursts of anger.
* Difficulty concentrating, memory loss.
* Hypervigilance.
* Excessive reactions to various situations.
* Decreased libido, or decreased sexual desire.
If so, is likely to suffer from abnormal stress. A situation that can lead to serious problems in the future.
If you currently have and if you did not know it, you are ruining the most pleasant situations. The sense of weight, diffused responsibility, the feeling that you are missing something but do not know exactly why that is stress.
Stress has been implicated in the development of various disorders.

* Decreased immunity, i.e., less defense against infection or processes attacking the body. According to Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, French neurologist, in his book “Anti Cancer”, one of the most important bases for the incidence of cancer, a book highly recommended.

* In the digestive tract (irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer, colitis).

* In the lung, worsening of chronic bronchitis and asthma.

* In the heart, hypertension and myocardial infarction (one of the basic factors for the production of infarction).

* Personality disorders: depression, abuse of alcohol or drugs and many more diseases.

* It’s the waiting room of depression, an anxious person does not sleep well and therefore its energy system collapses.
And the most direct, stops EVERY NATURAL MOMENT of joy in LIFE.
With treatment in Chinese medicine, the underlying causes of stress or anxiety are compensated. The system that were unbalanced, with the handling of energy that allows acupuncture, backs to its natural state of balance. In the absence of blockages and imbalances all the energy can flow better, fulfilling his duties properly.
The choice of drugs is a very dangerous path, as well as side effects, the danger of habituation or dependency. With acupuncture we have the opportunity to forget the anxiety in a natural way, just correcting energy imbalances that produced the anxiety. If something is notable in acupuncture is its absolute lack of side effects.