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Backche and low back pain

The pain produced in the dorsal and lumbar region are one of the most common diseases in medicine. A large proportion of the population has experienced. They can be caused by many disorders, under Western medicine, the most common are: intervertebral disk herniation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle injury and also to processes affecting visceras.

When a patient has low back pain and the exploration founds a herniated disc, immediately is blamed for this symptom. Sometimes it is true, but not always. The proof is that many people have undergone surgery for a herniated disc and the result is that the process has not only improved, but has worsened. This is because the problem causing the symptom, i.e. the energy disorder has not been balanced.

We should understand that through that area passes the bladder meridian and is usually an alteration in the normal flow that cause various symptoms such as cramps, spasms, pain, numbness, cold feeling, etc.

Many patients treated with acupuncture, in a few sessions gradually reduce their symptoms and return to normal life. Others in one session the pain goes away and just need to do two or three sessions more to make the problem go away forever.