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Joint pain

Everyone has heard of the almost miraculous healings that take place with acupuncture, when used in pain treatment. In this area, when properly applied, has no competitor. Low back pain disappears in seconds, pains that have been treated with different therapies to no benefit, find relief in a few sessions and then disappear. They results are not simply imagination but a reality you can see for yourself.

When use acupuncture:

1 º When you prefer a natural technique and no side effects whatsoever to soothe and heal your pain. With the faster, continuous and careful way with your body. With Acupuncture can improve and eliminate almost all types of pain, in muscle, joint or neurological ones.

2 When your pain is chronic and you must use drugs (anti-inflammatories or corticosteroids) continuously, since these drugs finally injury the stomach, liver or kidneys.

3 When used drugs do not relieve pain sufficiently.

4 When having a pain, suffers from an organic lesion (i.e. gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver failure, etc …), drugs aggravate this injury.