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What is acupuncture good for

Acupuncture can be used in almost all diseases. But the most direct effects seen in functional disorders, ie where there is still no organic lesion. It is spectacular when pain that has been producing significant distress disappears within a few seconds, such happens in many cases of sciatica. In other cases we have to wait several sessions to feel better, as in hypertensive individuals. While working on the pathology for which the patient has come, the action of acupuncture is working on energy throughout the body. Often patients report that a condition that we are not dealing specifically has ceased, as the energy of the body as a whole has improved.

If someone suffers an injury from a heart valve, and want to be treated with acupuncture. It will improve his general energy, and perhaps it will not increase the damage, but you cannot return to normal this tissue. It could only be cured through surgery.

On many occasions I have been consulted by Internet about diseases being treated by so called therapists promising cure cancer or AIDS. We must all fight against the practice of these individuals; the only thing they want is to obtain benefit from the despair and misery. Distracting in such cases of a more appropriate and better treatment and chances of success.

In cases where there is no organic lesion, acupuncture is very effective. It is used successfully among other pathologies:

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