The concept of Ying and Yang is one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine. Everything in the universe is composed of these two characteristics, positive and negative, in the sense of better or worse, but as the two poles of power, none is better or worse than the other, they are simply complementary. The electrical current can not be given if there is only one pole, as in nature, all contain a percentage of Ying and a Yang. In the famous sign of the Tao can see a circle divided into two areas, one white and one black, white within a small circle within the black and white one black, meaning that in anything there is always its opposite.

Ying o YangThe human body is also divided into Yin and Yang, for men, front and back Yang Ying, for women the opposite. For both the lower and upper Ying Yang, right and left side Ying Yang. The man is Yang and the woman is Ying.

The meridians are so to speak, energy pathways. The means by which the body carries the energy, ie, “Chi.” It passes through the body upright and upside down, as if the meridian is Ying and Yang. Half of meridians are on the internal parts or earlier and the other half on the outer and later. The internal antero party are Ying and Yang postero are external. The meridians are double, one on each side of the body.

Vesicula BiliarThe Yin meridians of the upper chest on the start and end on the thumb, middle and pinky (lung, heart and heart teacher respectively). The Yang meridians are born than in the index, ring and little fingers and end up in the head (large intestine, triple superheater and small intestine).

The Yin meridians of the lower rise in the big toe (liver and spleen) and sole (kidney) and ending at the chest. The lower Yang begin around the eye, inside (bladder), external (gallbladder) and lower (stomach) and ending on the 5th, 4th and 2nd toe.

There are called meridians “wonderful vessels, which do not have your points, but share other points of meridians and that their function is to absorb excess energy, or Ying Yang crossing areas. The Ying and Yang Mo Tsiao act on the right and left of the body, or Ying Yang Wei on the top and bottom, Tou Mo Mo and Jen on the front and back, finally Chong Tae Mo and Mo on the surface and abroad.