BiomagnetismoThe use of magnets in medicine is not new, it is said that about 6000 years in China they were used as therapy. In Europe, the father of medicine Hippocrates, or Paracelsus were drivers or their use in the treatment of various pathologies.

You could say that the Biomagnetic Pair technique is the one that applying magnets of a certain strength and polarity in certain specific points of the body (over clothing), eliminate in a very short time virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites, pathogens producing a high percentage of the diseases affecting the population.

Dr. Isaac Goiz discovered in 1988 that due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi), glandular dysfunctions (hyper-or hypothyroidism etc.), Trauma (psychological or physical) and other possible harmful causes, can produce an imbalance at the bioenergetic field of our body.